A L-o-n-g Day Out

Took big sis to Heathrow first thing yesterday for her standby return flight to Chicago courtesy of her pal Joan who works for United. Stony desk person grunted, ‘No go! Standbys invalid 15 July-15 Aug.’ Ooo-er. We were looking at £700 – ouch. In the end got one for £425  – bargain? Still hurt badly.

Later on attended another two Christmas press shows. First to Amazon. They were encouraging attendance with the promise of a Kindle (bribery? Never!) so although I have my own (and loving it) I’d promised the new one to another sis so felt obliged to go. But y’know it was very enlightening. I had NO idea Amazon sells everything under the sun (even Aggie’s Probiotics range!) – from lighting to lingerie to and loads, loads more. And all with next-day free delivery. Quite a revelation. We don’t need to mourn Woollies any more! Okay, there’s no Pick n Mix, but am sure it’s only a matter of time…

Speaking of the Kindle, just finished Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman. And boy is she some woman. Never mind the brilliantly funny writing, I am so in awe of her sheer honesty. She really knows herself and doesn’t seem to give a toss what impression she makes on others, and I love her for that. More, please!

I saw Jay Hunt saying in Monday’s Media Guardian she’s looking for a slot for CM – let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long.

Went from Amazon to Superdrug’s show…had a manicure done (moss green) by a beautiful Czech woman named Marquee. Which set me up nicely for my dinner with some fellow Birbeck students (am doing a Cert of Ed in psychoanalytic psychology). Met in Tibits in Heddon St, just off Regent St. Am no veggie, but this place is, and the food is absolutely gorgeous and not pricey. Good place for a girly meet as you can sit for hours on end yapping. Is it licensed? Of course – I wouldn’t be in there if it weren’t.



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Social Media Manager at dot.talent. Tech-geek. Fantastic driver. Appalling golfer. Devotee of Tottenham Hotspur.
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