I’ve had a bellyful this week…

Have spent the afternoon cowering in my office in fear of the doorbell ringing…son Rory’s band, Georgie and the Georgia Boys, are upstairs rehearsing at full pelt for Green Man Festival this weekend. So far Angry Neighbour from quite far down the street hasn’t been calling. Rory left an apologetic note on the door for her, saying it would be only this and tomorrow afternoon.

The bell did go a little while back, however, and I answered it to a mum with her two-year-old who was very happily dancing on the pavement outside our house…glad someone appreciates.

Ottolenghi Food

Bit of a foodie week going on. My gorgeous neighbours Georgina and Robbie were married on Sunday and had the peeps from Ottolenghi in to do the catering. If I said salmon, broccoli and rice, you’d say ‘Yeeurg’, and I wouldn’t blame you. But stick the phrase ‘Otttolenghi-style’ at the front of that list, and suddenly the culinary landscape looks very different. Gallons of chilled fizz too, which is always a good thing.

Then yesterday….I am still recovering from the full-scale attack on my waistline. Each month I write about new JS products I like in Sainsbury’s magazine. I went in to the office for a mass tasting…and emerged three hours later, having forced 59 different items of food over my lips (no, there wasn’t a spittoon). Most of it was good (there were a few turkeys, though, if you know what I mean), but unfortunately some of it was very good, which meant I had second and third tastes…big mistake. I cycled home in a very wobbly fashion, and, joy of joy for me, my dinner date called around 5pm to say she wasn’t feeling so good so did I mind terribly if we could postpone? Do the bears sh*t in the woods?

So I’ve eaten fairly normally today (I’m doing chilli con carne, rice, salsa and flatbreads this eve) but tomorrow is set to be another grand challenge for the gut. I’m a judge at the 2011 Quality Food Awards and need to allow the WHOLE DAY for tasting. I can already feel the food hangover headache coming on…

Darling Ewie is living it up in Newquay this week with his dad Matt and pal Josh. We’ve just done the big order for Westminster catering college next month: knives, uniform (with his name stitched on the breast pocket!), books. I’m almost as excited as he is.

About Olly Gosling

Social Media Manager at dot.talent. Tech-geek. Fantastic driver. Appalling golfer. Devotee of Tottenham Hotspur.
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1 Response to I’ve had a bellyful this week…

  1. I was going to say that you’re lucky having to eat for your work but then I thought about it and figured it’s not as good as it sounds.
    Especially if you’re me and have trouble limiting food intake as it is. A job where you have to eat would definately not be the job for me!

    The food in the picture does look delicious though, I have to say 🙂 xx

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